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Master Planning

The world is more urban than ever, and organic design always eager to play a part in making cities more livable, friendly, dynamic and sustainable. Master planning at Organic Design Works is a collaborative effort involving our clients, our partners, and the community.

We create mixed-use developments and urban design solutions addressing today’s challenges while, at the same time, incorporating a vision for the future.

We take cues from the surrounding environment and combine these with global best practices to create a sensible plan, one that ensures sustainable and balanced growth for the community, the environment, and our clients’ businesses.


Through an integrated approach to design and immaculate execution, we deliver a memorable building every time. Our approach is research-based and results-oriented. ORGANIC DESIGN WORKS’s buildings are designed to perform.

We provide services from concept to concrete and are specialists in expediting projects in a manner that saves clients time and money. While our experience is international, our regional knowledge is vast. That combination of global expertise and local know-how makes us the firm of choice, often teamed with the world’s best-known “architects” to deliver exceptional projects.

Part of our responsibility to clients on every project is making a positive contribution to the environment, which starts with improvements to the operational performance of buildings. Our dedicated team of researchers are constantly evolving strategies to create more sustainable architectural solutions.

For clients as well as end-users, Organic designs are pleasing to the eye, a pleasure to experience, and successful in the marketplace.

Landscape Design

Our conviction is that systematic analysis will reveal the inherent order and uniqueness of each setting. A site’s history, dynamic conditions and sensual qualities provide profound design opportunities and inspire us to create legible and meaningful forms in each project. Our work fuses the dynamic elements of nature and culture, integrating environmental sensitivity with the diverse needs of modern human settlements to create a harmonious relationship between ecology and the built form. Founded on these principles, WE believes that the designed landscape is among the most powerful forms of cultural expression.

We undertake each project on an individual basis, with careful consideration of the aspirations of the client, traditions of landscape design, needs of the users, program requirements and unique richness of the site. We approach each assignment with the premise that it has its own imperatives and opportunities. Each of our completed works has a unique visual identity, spatial richness and legibility through simplicity well suited to its purpose, contexts and budget.


ORGANIC DESIGN WORKS provide professional MEP Services & Coordination to Electrical & Plumbing Contractors/ Engineers. We specialize in providing MEP services for Residential, Commercial, Hospital, Educational, Industrial Buildings & Multi-purpose buildings. We provide state-of-the-art coordinated functional shop drawings and coordination services which realistic and ready to be installed. We take care to ensure the drawings are professional, high quality, detailed and accurate.

ORGANIC DESIGN WORKS ensure that the drawings are delivered as per the industry standards and appropriate formats & layouts as required by the client. We have a skilled and specialized team headed by a senior architects and experienced engineers to provide innovative and highly professional services to all kinds of industrial, commercial and residential industries. We work in close contact with the client’s engineering team to ensure the client receive professional drawings with the highest possible accuracy.

Value Engineering

We have developed proprietary methodologies for our project delivery, that increase quality, reduce snags, lower costs, shorten schedules, and accelerate close-out time. Ask us for proof of how this can be done for you.

By combining design, project management, construction and technology teams in one place, ORGANIC DESIGN WORKS ensures our clients benefit from a single point of contact. This single point design-and-build service delivers high quality construction projects faster, and at a competitive cost.

We offer pre-construction services through to turnkey design and construction management. Our focus is on quality within planned budgets, improving cost performance and accelerating project delivery.

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