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Project Introduction

The project is on a plot of land with a forest along its north boundary. The 10,000sq.ft home is located at NIBM, Pune, India. “I believe in God, only I spell it as Nature” as quoted by Frank Lloyd Wright inspired the architecture of the home. Open plan, functionality of the spaces, connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, give the home a unique identity. The site has a slope in the north south direction. The forest is located at the higher level to the north of the property. The main living area is one level on top of the garage. The guest bedroom, living, dining, kitchen and family room rap around a central open space facing the forest. The family room with its double height ceiling connects the lower level with the upper level where the bedrooms are located.

The house layout is similar to that of a traditional courtyard home allowing good light and ventilation at all times during the day. Basalt stone locally available in the Deccan plateau has been used since last 2000 years for the construction of forts and temples. The vertical masses in the house are cladded with this stone. Low horizontal floating mass of the house rests on the vertical stone structures giving the house an appearance of growing out of the site and becoming one with Nature.


Sopan Baugh Residences: Embracing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Design Principles for Timeless Luxury

Sopan Baugh, Pune, is set to redefine the skyline with its upcoming multi-family residential project, inspired by the visionary design principles of Frank Lloyd Wright. This premium apartment building, crafted by ODW, seamlessly blends modern luxury with timeless architectural elegance. As the city’s latest landmark, Sopan Baugh Residences embody the essence of Wright’s philosophy while offering a living experience that transcends the ordinary.

Design Inspiration: The design concept draws inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture, which emphasizes harmony with nature and the integration of the built environment into its surroundings. The clean lines, horizontal planes, and extensive use of natural materials create a seamless connection between the structure and its picturesque location.

Sopan Baugh Residences stand as a testament to ODW’s commitment to architectural excellence and Frank Lloyd Wright’s enduring influence. This premium multi-family residential project seamlessly integrates the principles of organic architecture, creating a space where luxury, nature, and innovation converge. As residents step into their homes, they enter a world where modern living harmonizes with the timeless brilliance of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design philosophy.

Varsha Park Residences: Embracing Nature’s Harmony in the Heart of Sakal Nagar

Introduction: Varsha Park Residences, a testament to luxury and design innovation, is poised to grace the skyline of Sakal Nagar in Pune. Crafted by the visionary designers at ODW, this multi-family residential project draws inspiration from the timeless design principles of Frank Lloyd Wright. With a focus on organic architecture and a commitment to premium living, Varsha Park Residences promises an unparalleled blend of elegance and modern opulence, offering a range of luxurious apartments along with exclusive penthouses.

Design Philosophy: Varsha Park Residences is a homage to the organic architecture pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright. The design principles prioritize harmony with nature, seamlessly integrating the built environment with the lush surroundings of Sakal Nagar. ODW has meticulously curated a design that echoes Wright’s ethos, offering residents a haven where modernity and natural beauty coalesce.

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